GET Solutions appointed Affinity Energy Partners

CSNA appoints Get Solutions as Affinity Partner

The Convenience Stores & Newsagents Association of Ireland (CSNA) is pleased to announced that Get Solutions, Ireland’s energy saving specialist, has been formally appointed as an Affinity Partner.

Vincent Jennings, CEO of CSNA, welcomes the addition of Get Solutions to the panel. ‘We work very hard for our members to ensure we can offer them the best savings and professional service available,’ he says. ‘CSNA does not take any margin from our partners so our members know they are getting the best solution possible.

‘We have thoroughly evaluated Get Solutions and their energy savings claims and found them reliable, trustworthy and capable of positively impacting our members’ bottom line. They can and will achieve savings of up to 30% for every member – a savings that cannot be ignored in todays’ tough economic climate where every cent counts.’

Get Solutions was set up by Charlie Grendon with a strong background in logistics and management services, he viewed rising energy costs as both an impediment to small business and an opportunity to make a difference.

‘Energy costs have roughly doubled in the past decade,’ he says. ‘But that cost can be swiftly reduced by at least a third if correct equipment is installed and intelligent procurement of energy followed. We can and do offer this to our customers who in turn enjoy dramatic savings. In addition, we can offer a ROI on any investment in less than three years making it a very compelling argument for any retailer.’

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